Sunday, January 27, 2008

Revisiting the Moran Museum Show

The "5 colours, I" show is going on at Moran Museum until the end of March, so I thought I'd swing by and make sure everything is still working properly before I take off back home for a couple of weeks.

I took the opportunity to replace some of the video clips in the interactive display with some new ones I had been working on before the Songdo project jumped up and swallowed me last week.

New in these clips are musical sounds and more complex and delicate time layering. As I was working and reworking the same footage from the construction of the wall, I started to explore the limits of the documentary ability of the data. Without adding new material, how could I give more depth to the representation of labour in the 2-d of the display? The object , as before, was to represent the video emanation, it's luminescence in the Museum space, directly to the labour required for it to exist.

I tried a couple of things in the music, but mainly slowing sounds down until they became harmonic drones, which adds a nice 'choral' touch in the reverberant space.

Lots of students around, so I got to see them fiddling around doing a lot of shadow play trying to get the results they wanted from the rudimentary interface. It seems the best way to navigate the database in this work is to dance through projection space, that fits just right!

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